1 min readDavid Bohm’s implicate order and the holomovement

The evolution we see in the universe is a manifestation of the different dimensions of reality. All of the universe is enfolded in one wholeness that our current senses and scientific tools cannot yet detect.

David Bohm’s work brings quantum physics to an even higher level, prompting physicists to look at the interconnections, instead of just the individual particles. Born introduced to us the concept of the holomovement (where everything is in a state of becoming) and implicate order (where the universe is connected with everything else, and the information found in an individual member of the universe may be found in everything else). The following article written by David Storoy shows us how Bohm’s work was used to create a new model for human cognition, and offers us an explanation of the implications of this model. 

Implications for AI

The holonomic brain model looks at the brain as a quantum system, where memories are stored, not just in the physical but within a network that can be accessed by all other brains. The model offers to us a possible explanation of a shared consciousness, as well as offer a way for us to reconcile classical and quantum physics. 

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