1 min readThe Born Rule: The weirdness of quantum mechanics

The Born rule shows us that there is no real objectivity in scientific studies. How will this understanding change the way we do researches in the future?

The weirdness of quantum theory did not begin with Werner Heisenberg, Erwin Schrodinger, and Albert Einstein. It began with German physicist Max Born who suggested that the way to understand quantum particles is by looking at them as waves of probability. Unlike other theories of physics, Born did not focus on the phenomena being studied, but rather, on the observer’s experience of the phenomena. It shows us that the way we measure experiments determine the results that we get.

Implications for AI

If measurement tools and the consciousness of researchers affect the results they get, we need to ask, what were the consciousness of researchers when they discovered the “fundamental” rules of reality? How will this idea transform our understanding of the universe, and the purpose of meaning of our existence? 

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