1 min readDark Night, Early Dawn: A unique contribution to transpersonal psychology

In the process of personal transformation work, we come to a point beyond postnatal biography. It is a point when our personal issues take a backseat and we become the consciousness of groups or humanity itself.

The following article by Stanislav Grof was published as the preface of Christopher Bache’s book entitled Dark Night, Early Dawn: Steps To A Deep Ecology of the Mind. In this work, Grof reviews Bache’s unique contribution to transpersonal psychology: a reconceptualization of the individual’s personal transformational work as one’s contribution to a more harmonious future for the entire planet. Grof also commends Bache for collating researches which has the potential to transform our understanding of consciousness, our identity, and the nature of reality. 

Implications for AI

The implications of transpersonal psychology is far reaching. Beyond the resolution of mental health issues, transpersonal psychology offers to us a view of the human mind that goes beyond the physical. It shows to us how non-ordinary states of consciousness will unlock our understanding of the direction of world evolution. With this understanding comes a re-appreciation of the unique role we, humans, play in this process of transformation. 

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