1 min readThe health benefits of appreciation

If there is one thing that can drastically affect your health, it is your capacity to see the unparalleled beauty of people, places, events, and things.

When we experience negative emotions, our heart rhythm patterns becomes erratic, and the emotional center of the brain, when it receives these patterns, recognizes them as stressful. In response, the brain sends out an SOS signal to the rest of the body – stress hormone levels increase, blood vessels constrict, blood pressure rises, and the immune system weakens. If the body experiences prolonged stress, heart disease and other stress-induced illnesses are a likely possibility. How then, can we stop the brain from responding to stress the same way? Heart Math has shown that consciously recreating a feeling of gratitude will harmonize heart rhythms, reduce emotional stress, and improve overall health.

Implications for AI 

This article shows us the important connection between psychology and biology, and how the heart is the mediator of both. It shows us that the parts of the body are interconnected, and that in order to restore health, medicine must look at all human beings holistically.

The article also highlights the fact that humans are not predetermined by their brains – that we have the capacity to bypass the brain through awareness. In essence, humans have an unlimited capacity to learn.  We have the capacity to breakthrough beyond our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual boundaries. 

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