1 min readArnaud Delorme on the real threat with AI

The self-centered consciousness being promoted by materialistic science has created the push for AI. Will it make life better for us, or will it cause untold suffering?

Researcher Arnaud Delorme weighs in on the issue of AI and consciousness in this article for the Institute of Noetic Sciences. He says that a conscious AI remains science fiction, but AI is a real threat if it is used as a tool in human conflicts and warfare. Delorme says that if it ever becomes possible for machines to become sentient, and human memory to be stored in computers, it will not make consciousness any less mysterious. 

Implications for AI

Materialists believe that consciousness is a by-product of the processes of the brain, their studies typically confined to understanding the human experience. Delorme reminds us however, of the universal consciousness that organizes and sustains. 

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