1 min readWhat is conscious aging?

Learning to age gracefully and consciously is a beautiful process. We must welcome it with open arms.

When we talk of conscious aging, we almost always think about old people. Evalina Everidge maintains that conscious aging is as much a concern of the young, as it is of the old. At the heart of conscious aging is responding to life with intention, of making decisions based on how we want to live, and what we want out of life. Everidge says that most people think that successful aging is about acting, thinking, feeling, and identifying as youthful, but this mindset has caused us to devalue our years of experience and the wisdom we have accumulated through our experiences.

Implications for AI

The talk of aging, illness, and death is uncomfortable for most young people, perhaps because we don’t see ourselves coming to this point. But it is an important conversation that we must make, particularly because these are the very reasons why Transhumanism continues to gain ground. If we look at aging as an integral process of life, and acknowledge the gifts it offers us, then perhaps we can curb society’s fear of death, and prevent the creation of artificial immortality. 

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