1 min readThe Galileo Report: Beyond a materialistic science

A new world is being birthed, and along with it, a new science and culture of consciousness.

The Galileo Report is a landmark document ushering in the arrival of a new brand of science – one that considers the primacy of consciousness to understanding the nature of the universe. It is a direct challenge to the materialistic viewpoint, and a systematic rebuttal of the many assumptions of materialistic science. The main goal of the report is to expand the scientific discourse so that it can accomodate a myriad of human experience currently relegated as myth, illusion, or illness. 

The 132-page report was written by Harald Walach for the Scientific and Medical Network and was released in 2019. It is available in full below. 

Implications for AI 

Transhumanism, as a representative of extreme materialism wants us to think that all humans are merely machines, operating within a clockwork universe. But ask any materialist if they think that they are automatons, and none of them will accept it. 

This is proof of the dual worldview of materialists. On one hand they argue that there is no mystery to their existence, but on the other, they want to become special, to control the evolution of the world. Theirs is a point of view of no meaning, and yet, they hope to control the meaning-giving capacity of all of humanity. 

The Galileo Report summarizes all the issues of the materialistic viewpoint and leaves us thinking: what is the meaning behind all the scientific mysteries that remain unsolved? How can we support and this new revolution in science? 

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