1 min readHow a quantum algorithm explains nature

Lov Grover discovered a faster way to make searches in a massive database and he may also have found the solution to the question: can the principles of quantum mechanics exist in living systems?

In 1996, physicist Lov Grover developed a new algorithm that speeds up the searches in databases. What Grover didn’t realize was that his algorithm can be used in a variety of ways, the most important of which is that it helps us understand the patterns of the genetic code and the origin of life. Grovers algorithm also seems to be a property of life, and could help explain the quantum processes involving several biological processes, for example, photosynthesis.

Implications for AI

Several algorithms are already being used to explain the physical processes that brought about life. Despite this, however, none can still explain how humans developed consciousness, and why we have an inner experience of nature. 

Moreover, if quantum processes can exist in “warm, messy environments”, then it means that quantum properties such as entanglement, super position, and quantum spin are also present in this environment. And if all of nature has quantum properties, then new avenues for societal transformation opens [read about Quantum Activism And The Future Of Our Civilization. This is important because it says a lot about how we should deal with AI and the robotization of our societies. 

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