1 min readThe World Wide Wave of Wisdom

A new wave of wisdom is coming. To ride this new wave, we must bring a healthy balance between the personal and impersonal, the spiritual and the material. This is the message of the World Wide Wave of Wisdom.

We need a visionary, unifying solution for humanity, and it must be one that promises a cleaner, safer, happier world for all. In this article by Larry Culliford, he defines the differences of the double brain, and the parallels it has in the two sets of values that dominates our societies. Culliford also identifies the five interlinked dimensions of experience and understanding, as well as some practices one can do to bring greater wisdom in societies. 

Implications for AI

Many of the issues we experience in our societies today can be traced back to values which are science-dominated, secular, materialist, and consumerist. How do we end this destructive world and bring forth a life-nurturing one? 

If we are to bring transformation to this rapidly degrading world, we must define the concepts, ideas, and physical properties that brought forth the old one.

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