3 min readQuantum activism and the future of our civilization

Quantum physics is changing our view of reality. It is also providing us with new tools to change our societies for the better.

In this 2017 article, theoretical physicist Amit Goswami talks about how we can use the results of quantum physics to change our social systems.

Goswami believes that our current civilization is in danger because of the continued competition between science and religion, despite the existence of quantum physics. This new science that shows us that reality is composed both of the physical and the invisible and transcendental. He says that most scientists still subscribe to a materialist worldview which devalues the human being’s quest for meaning and purpose. This, despite the fact that quantum physics already shows a state of reality that is invisible and beyond the physical.

Meanwhile, religion’s insistence on a scientifically untenable philosophy which separates the world into the believers and the non-believers, the punished and the rewarded, does little to promote inclusivity, integration, and progressivity.

Goswami believes that there is something wrong with both science and religion, because both denies an important aspect of what it means to be human. For him, only through quantum activism, a movement designed to utilize the weird quantum principles in transforming our societies and ourselves, will real change happen.

Goswami then proceeds to enumerate and explain the various fundamental aspects of quantum physics that has transformational value. Here are some of these aspects (read the attached article for an in-depth discussion of each aspect).

  • Consciousness is the ground of all being.
  • Manifest actuality is preceded by quantum possibilities.
  • Conscious choice converts these quantum possibilities into actualities.
  • Within one undivided consciousness, there are four worlds of quantum possibilities which can be translated into our experiences.
  • The collapse of quantum possibilities retain their non-local quality.
  • Quantum possibilities reside outside of space and time.
  • Our experience of creativity is an experience of the quantum consciousness manifesting new possibilities.

For Goswami, quantum activism is the antidote to materialism which has become steeped in politics and dogma. Real change can happen only if we utilize these quantum principles in changing not just ourselves, but also our societies.

Implications for AI

In a previous article about consciousness [What Is Consciousness], we mentioned the idea that conscious robots can never be developed as long as computers utilized the same material they have been using for decades. For this reason, several AI developers have invested on quantum technology in order to improve their implementations. Obviously, these researchers know and understand quantum physics, but despite this, they deny the world-changing implications of the quantum principles.

For one, they continue to insist that consciousness can be replicated and programmed in a physical storage. They deny that non-locality can manifest as paranormal capacities in the human being.

Quantum activism shows us a worldview that is even bigger than the framework of sustainable development. It provides us the opportunity to unite and integrate science and religion, and the capacity to explore new knowledge systems that could yield important results for humanity, and our vision for the future. Quantum activism offers us new doors at finding solutions to old-world problems, because it allows meaning, values, and feelings to be considered as authentic factors of change and development.

We all know about “The Secret” and manifesting visions [see How The State Of Consciousness Can Change Our Material Reality]. These are methods, which came from old traditions, have been proven over and over by experience. Quantum physics has finally provided the scientific bases for these methods. Unfortunately, these have been used mainly in improving the personal lives of people. Imagine the impact it can have when it is used to define the way we do our development work.

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