1 min readTo overcome trauma, know yourself

Trauma prevents us from experiencing inclusive and compassionate communities. To address trauma, we must first know ourselves.

For Bessel van der Kolk, trauma is the greatest threat to our public health. It cuts us off from our societies, and from the capacity to know ourselves and imagine a better future. In this interview with Elissa Melaragno of Still Harbor, van der Kolk introduces the discoveries of neuroscience that relates to trauma, and offers to us new ways of dealing with it. 

Implications for AI

Our modern world may have created new technologies to make our lives comfortable, but it has also created new tools that are instrumental to collective trauma in our societies. Unaddressed trauma is the perfect way to create a society that doesn’t care about losing its humanity. When addressed, however, trauma are turning points that can lead humans to achieve their greatest potential. 

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