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Our version of reality exists only in this fraction of the universe. Within our present reality exists a multitude of other universes, all governed by their own rules of physics.

The following article is a transcript of a conversation between the Edge and Andrei Linde, proponent of the eternal chaotic inflation theory, an expansion of the Alan Guth’s theory of cosmic inflation. In this conversation, Linde talks about the difference between the Bjg Bang and the inflation theory, as well as introduce to us to what he calls a scalar field.

Linde says that the inflationary theory shows us that the reality we observe is but a tiny fraction of the universe, and that there are many universes where the laws of physics are different. 

Implications for AI 

This article has many important insights. First, it tells the scientist that there is value in starting a research inspired by a metaphysical question – it teaches you to consider other truths found in other fields of studies. 

Second, the article reiterates that our world is just a tiny fraction of reality. The physics here is different because of the the unique conditions of this universe. If we take this theory to heart, we are prompted to ask: why do we wish to define the universe with just one reality?

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