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1 min readThe quantum soul

How will our interpretation of reality change with the acknowledgment of the quantum nature of the soul?

Using the Orch-OR model of consciousness [read Updates To The Orch OR Theory Of Consciousness for more info on this model] Stuart Hameroff and Deepak Chopra attempts to explain the existence of near-death experiences (NDEs), out-of-body experiences (OBEs) and pre-life memories. Applying the hypotheses made by the Orch-OR to various research studies, Hameroff and Chopra says that it is scientifically plausible that the soul’s nature is quantum. This statement also means that there is evidence for interconnectedness among all living beings and the universe through quantum entanglement, that we all have a capacity to access a cosmic wisdom, and that consciousness exists at a plane outside of biology. 

Implications for AI

The Orch-OR is the first model to show the quantum nature of the soul. The article below is one of the first to draw out the implications of this quantum soul. Take note, however, that Hameroff and Chopra’s work, though seemingly simple, offers us a glimpse of an entire universe previously unknown to us. When we begin to adapt a quantum view of consciousness, we will also begin to see that there are other planes of reality previously unknown to us. In order to discover that other plane of existence, we will need to open new senses. For this, Hameroff and Chopra also offers a solution: the spiritual traditions of the past. 

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