1 min readUnderstanding the inflationary theory of the universe

According to the inflationary universe ptheory, our visible universe is only 5% of the entire system. The 95% is observable, but we know nothing about them.

The following article was written in 2001 by cosmologist Alan Guth who talks about how the inflationary theory of the universe evolved from a relatively flat uniformity to a mysterious one. As technology improves, evidences for the inflationary theory piles up, but scientists fail to explain the mechanism by which the inflation happens. Despite all the researches being done on the origin and development of the universe, we are only able to understand 5% of it – the protons, neutrons, ordinary atoms, and molecules. The 95% which comprises of dark matter and dark energy, still remains a mystery. 

Implications for AI

Why do scientists reject the notion of the unknown when 95% of the matter and energy in the universe today still remains a mystery to us? Why do we insist on physical proof when we know that the physical world is only 5% of the entire universe? Guth offers us a moment of reflection: how can our cosmological theories work so well when we don’t yet understand the forces that created the universe?

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