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The only way we can bring forth societal transformation is through inner work.

In this interview with Krista Tippett, Angel Kyoto Williams talks about the importance of inner work in order to create societal transformation. Williams clarifies that social change is not the same as transformation, whereas social change can recede back to the way things were, transformation is enduring. Williams also reiterates that our task is to reclaim the human spirit. In the process of transformation, we will encounter other individuals who are vehicles of injustice. They too, are only human, and as such, it is our responsibility to redeem their spirits. 

Implications for AI

This article is important because it reiterates the need for us to understand the other  in the process of seeking for societal transformation. At no point should we look at another human being inhumanely, whether they are instruments of the values we believe in, or they embody values we disagree with. Angel Kyoto Williams puts importance on humanity and the human spirit. If we adopt her stance, then we will be pushed to be creative in our ways dealing with the injustices in our societies.

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