1 min readCreating an extended theory of evolution

If we want to revise the theory of evolution, we must realize that there are many models for inheritance that is beyond the gene.

This 2011 journal article written by Etienne Danchin, Anne Charmantier, Benoit Pujol, and Simon Blanchet looks at the genetic and non-genetic inheritance, how they interact with each other, and their impacts on evolutionary processes. For the authors, creating an expanded version of the evolutionary theory, it is important to broaden the notion of inheritance to go beyond the genetic. Some non-genetic inheritance explored in this article included ecological inheritance, cultural inheritance, and epigenetics inheritance, to name a few.

Implications for AI

This article forces us to look at the many ways that humanity is evolving, and changing for the better. When we consider other kinds of inheritance, we see that human beings are more than just their physical bodies. We are the product of the interactions of our environment, our parents, and the changes experienced by all previous generations.

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