1 min readWhy is there matter?

How are we able to exist if matter and anti-matter are supposed to annihilate each other?

This 4-minute video produced by the World Science Festival introduces us to one of the most profound questions of our time: how is it that we exist? What is it that enabled elementary particles to create living, conscious beings?

Implications for AI

The reality of the anti-matter states drives home the point that if our existence was materially-derived, there there should be nothing on this universe at all. How is it that in a universe where forces were created to balance out, living, conscious beings gain the capacity to create and transform their realities? 

If humans were purely matter, if everything we do can be traced back to the movement of elementary particles, and all our thoughts can be represented by neuronal connections, then how are we able to defy the natural laws? This is perhaps one of the biggest questions that our scientists are trying to answer, hence the need for even more advanced technological tools. 

But perhaps we already know the answer, but will we have the humility and courage to accept the explanation? 

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