1 min readHow did imagination get separated from science?

Here’s one idea for recontextualizing science: to bring back the imaginative and creative aspect in all scientific activity.

In this article for Aeon, Tom McLeish asks an important question: why do young scientists say that there is no room for imagination or creativity in science? For McLeish, it is important that to understand that science and art does not “do the same thing”, but the processes they employ are similar.

In the same way that the scientist experiments and fails, so too, must an artist. Both the artist and the scientist have to create their own hypotheses, and they must have exact goals in mind before they set out to do their work. 
McLeish offers to us a way of revitalizing science by through the techniques employed by artists. By placing science as one of the creative engagements that humans must do, we put it in a position where it can transform human societies, cultures, and lives. 

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