1 min readCreating a culture of intellectual humility

The world is changing, and with it must change our own attitude about science.

This article published by Vox and written by psychologist Julia Rohrer talks about the need to change the culture within the scientific and academic community which prevents researchers from admitting their mistakes. In a world where technology makes it easy to lie and false information spreads so easily, it is important for scientists to be humble, especially when proven wrong. 

Through this article, Rohrer enjoins her colleagues to learn intellectual humility because only through this new culture we be able to grow closer to the truth about societies and human nature. She adds, our experience of the world is our truth, and reality will always be an interpretation. 

Implications for AI

To accept one’s mistakes requires a different level of awakening, but it becomes easier when the people who matter to you accept both your successes and frailties. Unfortunately, the culture of the  materialist sciences makes it difficult for scientists to recant their previous conclusions and support the post-materialist worldview without hard evidence. This culture then, is the trap of materialism. 

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