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1 min readWhat is collective wisdom?

Collective wisdom is the solution to our deteriorating world. To foster it, we must extend our efforts – first, in ensuring that individually, we are physically fit, emotionally and psychologically healthy, and spiritually open; second, in acknowledging and respecting group processes.

The attached article was a speech given by Dr Albrecht Mahr at the Conference on Collective Wisdom held in Germany on April 28-30, 2006. In this speech, Dr. Mahr discusses three traits that describes collective wisdom. Collective wisdom, Mahr says, touches our hearts and fills us with lightness.

Implications for AI

Mahr says that the lack of collective wisdom in the world has promoted an “expert” culture, a culture which in turn created a society accepting of collective stupidity, blindness, oppression, and destructiveness. If we are to save our world from destruction (from our own egoistic activities), collective wisdom needs to be upheld [see How Can We Create Free Communities? for an understanding of the role of collective wisdom in societies].

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