1 min readHow can we create free communities?

The world is changing, are our societies ready for this change? This article provides alternatives for community formation, and offers us new hope for the future.

This paper was written by Arthur Zajonc in 2002 for the Collective Wisdom Initiative. Just as the title states, it explores the notion of free communities and how it can be created out of love. The basis of community formation is love in its various forms. But for Zajonc, there is one essential element in the creation of truly free societies: a shared spiritual culture that connects one individual with the other.

Implications for AI

Zajonc’s proposal for a different kind of community – one wherein individual strengths and weaknesses are recognized as integral parts of the society – is not easy to do. It requires that all members come in freedom, and hence, a certain awareness of who they are as individuals.

If we are to effectively navigate our changing society, and if we are to ensure that AI will only serve to benefit human societies, we must be able to create associations where individuals are not asked to sacrifice  who they are in service of the collective. Only when we find the harmony between the individual and the collective, when the entire community is permeated by authenticity, can we be truly ready to face the future. 

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