1 min readGoethean science and the search for meaning

What is Goethean science and how can it help us bring about an new society?

In the article below, Arthur Zajonc relates to Otto Scharmer his experiences as a student of the hard sciences, and how his own search of meaning led him to Goethean science. The article also explains to us what Goethean science is, its three stages, as well as why it is an antidote to the “dead” science of the materialist. 

Implications for AI

Arthur Zojanc is just one scientist, but he represents the journey of many scientists who decided to move away from the mainstream conduct of science, and found the deep meanings hidden in the natural world. Zajonc’s experience shows us that science is not about data and technology, it is about gaining the capacity to understand the interconnections of the world, and in the process, discovering the essential, which is also often the invisible. Goethean science is a portal to a new world, but despite its seeming simplicity, it is a difficult path to take. To begin treading through this path, a scientist must have a deep yearning to understand his purpose in life, and to discover what it means to be truly human.

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