1 min readAn experience of co-creative collective consciousness

It is possible for humanity to live in peace and prosperity in this time of chaos. But it will require individuals to shine together towards the same goal.

The article below is glimpse of Anne Stadler’s journey in her exploration of the truth in the phrase “the next Buddha will be a collective”. It talks about how one can be a part of  what she calls as Fluent Communication, the embodying  of one’s union with Spirit through an effort to evolve one’s own level of consciousness, and the Radiant Network, a network of individuals awakened to their purpose.

Implications for AI

All the illnesses we encounter today (physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually) are but challenges that we can overcome. The new sciences offer us enough information on how to move on to our next level of evolution. But our evolution is not for our own purpose. Instead, it is integral in the birth of a co-creative, conscious collective, a building block of future societies.

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