1 min readAn experience of collective resonance

Can collective resonance make the world a better place? How can it promote peace and understanding among different peoples?

In this interview with Renee Levi, Sgt. Ginger Charles relates his experience of collective resonance. In his story, Sgt. Charles talks about being in a bubble with six other suspects, and in this bubble, he felt separate that the rest of the world, but fully connected with the other individuals in the room. When asked what he felt during that moment, Sgt. Charles said, “Tingling. All over, energized. It’s one of those special times when you know you are in the moment…And strangely, very much at peace”. 

Implications for AI

When we are at a state of collective resonance, we feel connected to the world and our fellows. We feel alive and energized, and we know the truth with full certainty. If everyone of us can access this collective resonance at will, then we will find solutions to seemingly impossible problems. Isn’t this capacity greater than a quantum computer?

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