1 min readUnderstanding the shamanic states of consciousness

Stanley Krippner shows us shamans have emerged as a way to address social needs. The shaman’s function offers us an insight into the untapped powers of the human mind.

In the modern world, we view shamans as elite groups of priests and priestesses who mediate between the “real” world and the world of the unknown. In this 20-page article, Stanley Krippner explains that shamanism utilizes a technology to access altered states of consciousness and that all humans have the capacity to access such state. A large part of this article is dedicated to a review of literature regarding our modern view of shamanism. Jump to page 20 of the article to read Krippner’s discussion of the topic.

Implications for AI

If the human brain is a receptor of a signal that exists outside the brain [read An Interview With Dr. Bruce Greyson: Consciousness Exists Outside The Brain to understand this idea better], then shamanism, as described by shamans, is the conscious tapping into this signal to discover solutions to daily troubles. It means that spirituality, or the conscious cultivation of a relationship with the unknown realm, is in every way, a practical endeavor.

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