1 min readThis is how we can use spirituality to address modern challenges

Spirituality is a practical endeavor – it helps us address daily concerns. But spirituality as it is practiced now is far from the practical life. This must change, if we are to save spirituality in this modern world.

The file attached below is the full report published by the RSA Action and Research Centre following the conclusion of the 2-year study conducted by the institution. Through this report, we can begin to understand definitions of spirituality, identify what we mean when we talk about the spirituality crisis, and discover specific solutions to bring spirituality back to the practical world [read Understanding The Shamanic States Of Consciousness to understand what this statement means]. 

Implications for AI 

Material science have long relegated the unknowable and the impractical as the realm of spirituality. But this work shows us a new understandI ng of spirituality, and how it can become an active force in the transformation of our societies. Though a long read, this work offers us hope for the future. It shows us one area of human activity which cannot be replaced by robots and artificial intelligence. 

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