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A new narrative is emerging, and it requires humanity to act together.

This 2017 article by Daniel Christian Wahl talks about our awakening to the interconnectedness of spirituality and ecology, and the need for action to protect our living planet and to co-create a thriving future. Wahl looks at the various mass movements that are being created today, and how a new narrative about thriving together is galvanizing humanity to act together.

This new narrative, Wahl says, is transformative in that it transcends traditions and paradigms. He adds, it needs to combine “intellectual breadth with spiritual depth…to draw its transformative power from infectious idealism and grounded pragmatism, technological innovation and age-old wisdom, helping humanity to act wisely with power and love”.

Editor’s Note: There is a truth that connects all the conflicting realities of our societies. From our current narrative of fear and exploitation, we need to birth a new story that will reshape our planet and the future of humankind.

Though published in 2017, this article remains relevant today, as people have become even more polarized by their beliefs and opinions. The unity espoused by countries at the beginning of the “pandemic” has devolved into a war of insights. We are seeing the suffering that is expected with the death of one civilization.

These are difficult times, but our goals moving forward is clear. We must learn to engage in true dialogue, not only amongst human beings, but also with nature and the planet, if we are to finally give birth to the new narrative that is life-sustaining.

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