2 min readDr. Zach Bush: We have to stop with the patchwork, band aid approach to human health

Our societies, like all of nature, has the capacity to self-correct. Dr. Zach Bush tells us how.

In this 2018 interview with Redefining Medicine, triple-board certified physician Dr. Zach Bush talks about the need for humanity to collectively decide that we want to survive as a species. He says that we have the technologies that can disrupt the patchwork, band aid approach to human health, energy, and ecology. Dr. Bush stresses if no changes are done in these three sectors, our planetary and human survival will continue to be at risk.

Dr. Bush also relates some of the results of his work in order to provide some ideas on how our present problems can be resolved. He says, “communication is everything…when you put communication into a complex ecosystem, the whole thing corrects itself in seconds”. He says that what is true for our biology can also be applied in our societies.

Editor’s Note: It is important to look back at articles and videos created before 2020 because it will bring back hope for a better future. It will also remind us of why we must continue to strive towards change, as our societies were already on the way towards a more holistic living.

The “pandemic” showed to us what is wrong with our current societies that needs to be changed. If we are truly going to build back better, we must heed Dr. Bush’s call – we must completely change our paradigms in human health, ecology, and energy.

The old worldview is dying, and it is exerting it is greatest effort to trick us into believing that we have lost and that we must now give up the fight towards a holistic, interconnected reality. But it is at this moment that we must cling together. Media censorship wants us to think that we are alone in the fight, but the truth continues to find its way towards those who seek for it. Our societies are transforming, and we must forge on towards the future that we all wish to achieve.

We must remember Dr. Bush’s words: “if we bring communication into a complex system, the whole thing corrects itself”. We must not dehumanize those who stands against us, and we must continue to listen, connect and dialogue, particularly when it is difficult [also read Charles Eisenstein: We can choose a new story of interdependence and connection to address many of our societal issues].

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