1 min readCan science and spirituality unlock the brain’s full potential

Neuroscience research is showing us that the metaphysical concepts of manifestation, visualization, and the law of attraction actually have a scientific basis. How does this change the way you view your own capacities?

We have the capacity to change our brain in every stage of our life. In this interview with Reader’s Digest contributor Zehra Naqvi, neuroscientist Tara Swart offers ideas on how we can reprogram our brains so that it can help us realize our dreams. More importantly, Swart explains that consciousness and personal evolution are no longer esoteric concepts, but are backed by scientific research and anecdotal evidences. 

Implications for AI

Materialists say that the intelligence of humans are predetermined by their brains [read The Three Epochs Of Human Evolution article written by a transhumanist which classifies humans based on their intelligence and value to society]. What then enables humans to go beyond their physical (and therefore, limiting) makeup?

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