1 min readTo change the world, begin with yourself

When you know who you are, then you can change the world for the better.

In this article written by Scilla Elworthy, she discussed how inner work can make our outer work even more effective. Elworthy believes that the capacity to look into our own shadow, to face our inner critic,  will help us become present in times of turmoil. A person who has a regular practice of self reflection has the capacity to really look into situations and understand the root cause, instead of merely reacting to the symptoms.

Implications for AI 

If we want to transform our societies, we need to learn to respond to crisis with less anger, and with more compassion [read Changing Our Response To A Civilization In Crisis]. But the first step towards transforming our responses is to know what it is that triggers our automatic reactions, as well as know the manifestations of these reactions. 

We are being forced to look inside ourself, to know who we are in order for us to be able to act appropriately in this chaotic times. Who am I? What is the purpose of my existence? Am I living my life according to my purpose? The answers to these questions are the same answers that will enable us to face AI and put it in its rightful place. 

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