1 min readThe seven practices of holistic activism

Can you stand in the face of hatred and prejudice and still practice non-judgement and compassion? Can you face illness and death but remain in silence and focus?

In this article for Kosmos Journal, Alan Levin says that the world is waking up to a more holistic approach in the way we create collective agreements and resolve problems socially and politically. But keeping in balance is difficult, especially during this time of extreme inequality, war, climate change, and unprecedented technological developments. Levin offers seven practices to improve your personal spiritual work which hopefully, will help you keep you keep your focus on the things that matter the most.[Holistic activism has a lot to do with personal transformation and spirituality. These concepts are discussed in To Change The World, Begin With Yourself and Spirituality As A Catalyst For Change].

Implications for AI

We want to change the world, but we need to begin with the basics first: why do we want to change the world? What kind of change do we want to achieve? These questions are spiritual in nature and touches on the meaning of what it means to be human. When we can answer these questions, then we can finally find the role of AI (and its associated technologies) in our societies. 

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