1 min readChanging our response to a civilization in crisis

Do we have the courage to propel the Great Transition forward? Do we understand that the power to transform our civilization is within our control?

Zach Walsh believes that our entire human civilization is at a turning point. We will experience either a Great Transition or a Great Unraveling. How should we deal with the change? Should we focus on transforming the civilization, or building resilience? Walsh believes we must take a higher road, one that will transform societies to a level much greater than the Great Transition, and for this, we must learn to deal with the underlying causes of the chaos.

Implications for AI

In order for us to transform our civilization, we must utilize a systems view. This way, we will appreciate the efforts each individual person and organization does to further the greater collective. It will also help us create structures that enhance relationships among humans, as well as the relationship between humans to non-humans. 

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