1 min readThe Fourth Phase of Water: A book review

Charles Eisenstein shows us to us how a deeper understanding of water will revolutionize our understanding of the world.

In this 2014 article written by Charles Eisenstein, he discusses what EZ water is, why it is important, and the implications of this discovery to mainstream science. Eisenstein connects Gerald Pollack’s work to the transition our societies today – the assignment of selfhood to being de have “othered” with our materialistic science [read The Fourth Phase Of Water].

Implications for AI

Eisenstein reiterates the emergence of a new kind of science, this time using chemistry and Gerald Pollack’s work. It contributes to a larger paradigm shift [read A New Scientific Revolution Is Already Here to understand the great shift that comes with post-materialist science], and supports a shamanic worldview [for more information about this worldview, read Understanding The Shamanic States Of Consciousness] which sees all things to possess some kind of beingness – a direct violation of the prevailing worldview that the world is made up of dead particles.

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