2 min readA New Scientific Revolution is Already Here

Dr. Mario Beauregard, world-renowned neuroscientist from the University of Arizona, looks at various evidences from various researches which proves that a new, more spiritual scientific revolution is already upon us.

In this article written by neuroscientist Dr. Mario Beauregard, he stresses that mainstream science, based on materialism, is obsolete. The refusal of a huge number of materialist scientist have accept new researches that point to a new explanation of how the universe and nature works, has led to a hampered the study of the mind, consciousness, and spirituality. Perhaps the worst impact of materialistic science is that it has led us to believe that humans are no more than biological machines, and that our existence on earth has no meaning or significance.

Through this article, Beauregard maintains that a new science is emerging, and by acknowledging its results, we will be able to expand our conception of the natural world, and our place within this vast universe.

Implications for AI

Materialist science which has dominated science and the academia is at its end. As we learn more about the world we live in, and the bodies we inhabit, scientists are forced to rethink what we know of matter and nature.

Beauregard’s article is important because it shows us how obsolete belief systems have found a way to mask itself as science, and how our own social systems are being manipulated into thinking that human beings can be easily replaced by machines.

A post-materialist paradigm, such as the one being proposed here, re-enchants our view of our world, and our own individual purpose. It gives the dignity and power back to human beings so that we may be able to design a world that fosters the positive values of compassion, respect, care, love, and peace. It is the solution to our decaying world, and will bring us to a new level of connectivity with fellow humans, nature, and even with the non-physical and spiritual realms

As the materialist worldview becomes passe, one must also rethink of the promises of artificial intelligence: super intelligence, super health, and immortality. The rich body of researches in the new sciences points humanity towards a different direction – one where the promises of AI are no more than that – promises, and artificial.

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