1 min readAI is the push we need to rediscover the human soul

In 2017, Bruce Buff wrote one of the few articles which looks at the pursuit of artificial intelligence as way to rediscover and understand the human soul.

Buff asserts that AI could never be truly conscious, aware, perceiving, feeling, and cognitive, the way we humans are. He says that the most an AI can do is to developed unintended consequences beyond what their intended activities are. Of this possibility, but had this to say:

Technology based on this level of AI will often be quite remarkable and definitely must be managed well to avoid dangerous repercussions.

If AI developers are bent on developing conscious machines that meet (if not exceed) the human mind, they must discover the basis for the conscious mind via material means. When this happens, Buff believes that we will then discover what makes us human, and we will uncover how our soul acts in our daily lives.

Questions to Reflect On

  • What is the implication to AI development of humans having immaterial minds?
  • What greater meaning can we derive from a conclusive discover that we are spiritual creatures?

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