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If younger generations want to overcome materialism, they must learn to live and act with love.

This article was written by Llewelyn Vaughn-Lee as a response to a 31-year old who asked him the question: “What advise do you have for people in my age in dealing with a world that tells us we are nothing but material mechanisms, and has almost no concept of the soul?”

The article recognizes that younger generations, particularly the millennials, know intuitively that the materialist paradigm is not the entire truth. They know that there is so much more to existence. Along with a couple of suggestions, Vaughn-Lee stresses the importance of finding a community and engaging in an initiative that enables a person to fully express their unique offering. 

Implications for AI

This article shows us that younger generations are no longer satisfied with the explanations provided by the materialist mindset. If proponents of conscious AI are to succeed, they must contend with this intuitive knowing. But if  we are to propel humanity forward, we must realize that love, learning to live and act with love, and focusing our minds and hearts to the sacred principles of life, are the most powerful tools to overcome materialism [to go deeper on this subject, read How Do We Change The Story Of The Earth?]

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