1 min readHow do we change the story of the earth?

How can we usher the birth of a new story, while at the same time redeem the planet, and nourish our souls?

For too long the story of the earth has been one of separation – of a God that has retreated from the Earth to rule above, and apart from the universe’s creations, a science that insists on controlling and exploiting the natural, of humans that rejects differences.Llewellyn Vaughn-Lee recognizes that many are awakening to the new story of the earth, one that tells of the oneness in all of creation. Vaughan-Lee says that this is a great start, but this is not enough to bring about massive shifts in consciousness. In this 2018 article for Garrison Institute, Vaugh-Lee offers us some suggestions on how we can ensure the birth of this new story of the earth. 

Implications for AI

Are the efforts of AI part of the old story, or will it create new opportunities to birth the new society? Will it help us predict and take part in the emergence of the new story?

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