1 min readReligion and spirituality recognized as a dimension of quality of life

The World Psychiatric Association acknowledges that in order to promote mental and psychological health, psychiatrists must consider religion and spirituality in their research and practice.

The following is a proposal developed  by the World Psychiatric Association (WPA) Section on Religiom, Spirituality, and Psychiatry, and was approved by the WPA Executive Committee on September 2015. In this position statement, the WPA recognizes the importance of considering a patients’ religion/spiritual and philosophical orientation in research and practice. The WPA also acknowledges the need to re-train psychiatrists.

Implications for AI

This position statement is important because it institutionalizes the post-materialist paradigm in science. It shows us that changing scientific mindsets is possible, if only scientists would look at the results and be open to explanations that are beyond the material.

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