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Every technological innovation we make takes away a little bit for our capacities as human beings. Every new idea of ordering societies, if not developed out of a deeper understanding of the meaning of being human, will always have.a negative unintended consequence. How then can we make societies that nurture the fully human?

In this article for Ecologise, author Charles Eisenstein discusses the various changes happening in societies today. He says that as technology progresses, we are compromising many of the values we hold dear. On the other hand, however, Eisenstein says that he believes that the world is indeed, getting better because more and more people are becoming better human beings.

Implications for AI

Transhumanists would have us believe that there is no hope for the human being. Eisenstein’s article shows us that though our physical bodies are still vulnerable, the human spirit is continuously improving. The technologies we have built are distracting us from the end goal of our existence.

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