1 min readA shift to biosphere consciousness

We are at a crossroads. A new generation of children are awakening with a deep sense of interconnectedness, but the societies they are growing up in are becoming disconnected. How do we help them achieve their full humanity?

A new self-conscious generation is rising, and they have different views on power, freedom, and community. In this article for Sustainable Human, Chris Agnos talks about how young people who grew up with the internet seem to be equipped with a biosphere consciousness. As members of the older generation, it is our task to lay down and pass on a strong foundation of this kind of consciousness.

Implications for AI

Young children today have an intuitive sense of the interconnected universe. They seem to innately understand that all of life’s creations has an important role to fulfill. It is important that we, members of the older generation, provide younger generations the space to ask their own existential questions. More importantly, however, is that we provide them with a framework for addressing their questions, and a real future where they can explore their full humanity.

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