1 min readWhat is an Earth democracy?

Real democracy is one in which structures support the blossoming of the full human being. The kind of democracy we have today is false democracy because it takes us away from who we truly are.

In this short video narrated by Dr. Vandana Shiva, she enjoins us to create a new kind of democracy – one that is based and inspired by the earth. It is not just about caring for the environment, but really, caring for the integrity of the planet in all its aspects, so that it can continue to support our evolution as humans.

If you can, we suggest that you visit the online link so you can watch the almost 4-minute video.

Implications for AI

Real democracy is one that enables human beings to explore their full capacities without compromising the integrity of the planet and its creations. AI undermines this democracy because it pushes us away from the earth, and away from our true nature as citizens of this planet.

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