1 min readIntentional action and the changes it creates in the chemistry of the brain

Your brain chemicals can determine what you feel or think, but it cannot tell you who you are. It cannot determine the reason why you exist in the world.

In this article by Dr. Loretta Breuning, we are introduced to some of our brain chemicals, and the purpose they serve in the human body.

Though this article reads like the work of a materialist scientist, it offers important points, the most notable of which is that we have control over our physical body. Even the brain chemicals, which is often regarded as deterministic (you are what your brain tells you to be), Dr. Breuning shows us a way out.

Implications for AI

This article shows us that chemistry, which is often regarded only as a study of molecules devoid of agency, actually has its implications in the human body, the way we think, and the way we transform ourselves. But perhaps the most important implication of this article is that by understanding the physical processes of our bodies, we will be able to manipulate them, in order for our bodies (and emotions) to serve our needs. Doesn’t this speak of a power currently untapped in the human being?

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