1 min readGab.ai offers new tool to bypass online censorship

Gab.ai offers us the Dissenter browser, the browser that lets you reclaim the free internet. Is this a viable solution to online censorship?

Two years ago, Gab.ai, the social network that focused on free speech, was born. Today, it offers us the Dissenter browser, which blocks all ads and trackers, and enables users to post comment on sites and social networks without logging. It is currently being hailed by its makers as the fastest browser today. The following article by Tom Parker offers a step-by-step guide to installing the browser.

Take note that the browser is based on the open-sourced Brave browser and must be used only after due diligence. After all, a free internet can be hazardous to those who don’t know how to protect themselves. But if you want to be free of online censorship, and you know the implications of using it, then by all means.

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