1 min readEducation: The key to healthy human connections

Education’s main role is to prepare children to become adults in an unpredictable world. For Denmark, however, education has a much bigger task.

As several articles on this website have discussed [see To Sustain Life, We Must Build Communities, How Transpersonal Theory Is Changing Psychiatry as examples], the ability to see patterns and connections make humans a unique species. Our capacity for creating conscious relationships sets us apart from other creatures in the animal kingdom. And yet [as discussed in the article Our Kids Are Losing Their Empathy and Technology May Be The Culprit], this capacity is slowly being undermined by technology.

This article by Psychology Today looks at how Denmark, the country with one of the highest levels of happiness and prosperity, utilizes its educational system in building healthy human connections. If we can find ways to incorporate these lessons to every educational system in the world, perhaps, we I will be able to counter the effects of disruptive technologies such as AI.

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