1 min readA Proposal for a non-dual evolution

Is this new proposal on the evolution of species be enough to dismantle the materialist version of evolution?

In 2013, Jose Diez Faixat published A Hypothesis on the Rhythm of Becoming, which states an alternative proposal for evolution. That article has now been improved on, and published online to enable public scrutiny. Faixat says that evolution moves in a precise spiral rhythm. Just like any musical instrument, wherein 1/3 of the vibrating unit creates progressively new sounds, so too, do new variations in the evolution of species appear.

Implications for AI

If this proposal is replicated and found to be true, it will ultimately reverse all that we know of evolution. It will show us that the creation of new species is not random at all, and that the utilmate fate of the earth is to move towards greater creativity. Why then to do we need to replace the nature-given components of the human being?

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