1 min readHow to break the materialist spell of the neurosciences

Neuroscience has enabled us to understand the many manifestations of human intelligence. But just like any science, it too, can be penetrated by materialist notions of the mind.

In this article for the Science and Nonduality Blog, author Riccardo Manzotti introduces The Spread Mind which explains the connection between our consciousness of the world and our bodies. Through this article, we gain an understanding of the phrase “we are reality itself”. It is, in a sense, a restatement of the cosmic mind [read The One Mind].

Implications for AI

We cannot separate the human being from the rest of reality, because we are that reality. Whatever happens to the world, happens to us, too. If we wish to effect change in the world, the best way to do it is to first, effect change within the human being.

How do we address materialism, and the onset of artificial intelligence, mind uploading, and immortality technologies. First, we must look deep within ourselves and ask: what, in our belief system fosters the need for the following technologies? How are you contributing to this drive towards advanced technologies that have the capacity to replace human beings?

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