1 min readWhere does our natural sense of purpose come from?

Our sense of purpose was imbued to us from the very moment life was created on earth. Is AI enhancing or eradicating it?

For author Ralph Lewis, our sense of purpose is a characteristic of all living things, and understanding it will enable us to understand consciousness more fully.

The attached article talks about how purpose was built-in with chemical processes that formed life. Initially, the purpose of living beings was to prevent degeneration, or in the language of physicists, to prevent entropy [read Who Is Ilya Prigogine if you wish to explore how living beings are able to do this]. With humans, however, this sense of purpose goes much deeper because of our own inner experience which makes us interpret our environment in the very different way.

Implications for AI

If purpose was imbued with the very chemical processes that produced life, what then is the deeper purpose of every living thing on earth? Why did humans develop consciousness which enables us to attach purpose and meaning to our very existence? Will the creation of a human-level AI enable us to move closer to our purpose?

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