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What is the connection between abiogenesis and evolution? Chemist professor Addy Pross shows us that these two processes are part of the same continuum.

New discoveries in chemistry shows us that the sciences of animate and inanimate matter are slowly bleeding into each other, and author Addy Pross offers us two examples on how this is happening.

By using the language of chemistry, Pross helps us understand the duality existing in mainstream science. He says that animate and inanimate forms are moving towards two different mathematical engines of stability: the more popular thermodynamic one, and the other is exponential growth in a biological context.

Implications for AI

Materialism is correct in that it offers an explanation of how the world, of both the animate and inanimate, works. But it is the not only truth. On the other side of the spectrum is a world unknown, its presence revealed to us only through anomalies in the way the universe, our earth, and our human bodies, and consciousness were created.

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