1 min readWater is the molecule of life

Where there is water, there is life. Find out why astrobiologists “follow the water” in their search for alien life.

We talk of carbon-based life, but rarely do we consider the fact that in order for sophisticated chemical processes to occur, there needs to be a solvent that is active, diverse, and flexible. In the case of life on earth, water is not just a backdrop, it is capable of creating a three-dimensional hydrogen-bonded network which allows it to take part in biochemical processes. In its deepest sense, biology is truly a study of the interactions between biochemicals and water.

Implications for AI

One can say that the way we view water today is representative of how materialism has transformed our societies. Though it is the very agent of life itself, water has largely been ignored and unacknowledged, probably because it is also very common. But we are now beginning to discover its unique properties, its capacity to bind chemicals to produce life, as well as connect different scientific fields to renew the sciences [Water has the capacity to retain information from its environment. Read The Memory Of Water to learn about this].

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