1 min readWhat is the importance of the pineal gland?

Did you know that spirituality is built into our brain? Read this article to find out more.

Li Yen, in this article for Epoch Times states that spirituality is a built-in feature of our brain. The pineal gland, a tiny organ found in the center of the brain enables us to attune to the spiritual world, as well as help us break the patterns and habits that hold us back.

Implications for AI

Yen says that the pineal gland is vulnerable to environmental pollutants and poor diet. With our planet in crisis and our food becoming substandard, it is not a surprise that any people are finding it difficult to connect to the divine plane.

Nourishing our pineal glands will enable us to discover worlds within our selves, and hopefully, help us understand what our real purpose is [To understand the context of this statement read The Connection Between Science And Religion].

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